Douglas Athas for Mayor of Garland - Election in May of 2017

2013 Platform and Issues

City of Garland, TexasGrow the City

No issue facing the city is more vital than growing the city. Not even the end of the recession and a return of new construction will solve the problem of overall declining property values. If we don’t remove the artificial barriers to development, we won’t have money for new streets and alleys, for employee salaries and benefits, for adequate public safety responders and equipment, for city services, or a strong property base for our schools.

We have begun the transition but it is fragile. We need a proven, experienced mayor to foster the process and attract new businesses and investors.

I have the experience to lead Garland through this transition, the knowledge to make sure we do it well, and the caution to assure we protect the rights of our citizens that live here and have built businesses here.


Garland is already taxed higher than most cities around us and if we count transfers from GP&L, we are one of the highest taxed. High taxes encumber attracting new businesses and prospective home buyers.

Too often politicians and governments just raise the tax rate rather than working to raise the tax base.

I have always fought tax increases. We cannot tax our way to prosperity. If we do the work necessary, remove archaic regulations, and set a high standard for new development, we can increase the property base, which will produce the revenue we need for streets and parks and a more enjoyable community.

Preserve Our Quality of Life

Garland is a family-friendly city where our children can attend a school of their choice, learn teamwork through various sports, participate in Scouting and other youth groups, and attend religious services by all faiths.

Recognizing and supporting families and assuring they have access to multiple opportunities to learn and grow should be one of our highest goals.


Garland is at risk of losing major companies because they are finding it harder and harder to attract young professionals here. Growing the city, providing new housing products, more entertainment, and more recreational opportunities makes our companies more competitive.

We must work to retain our existing companies, even as we work to attract new ones. Job force training has become a major asset to our community, allowing companies to grow and find new, skilled workers.

Public Safety

For a city over 100,000, Garland is considered one of the safest in the country. It is no accident. Garland police and fire fighters must meet very high standards and training is a regular occurrence. Both departments provide specialized skills and training that is sought be many other communities around us.

To retain these well-trained individuals, we must compensate them at rates comparable to other cities in the area and we must provide comparable benefits. We should work to assure that all city employees are treated similarly and have similar benefits.

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