Douglas Athas for Mayor of Garland - Election in May of 2017

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I am honored to be your candidate for the Mayor of Garland.

Whether it is volunteering with our Campaign for Mayor of Garland, or providing a monetary contribution, your help is critical for us to succeed.

Legal Notice

Contributions to Douglas Athas Campaign 2017 are not tax deductible. Contributions must be made from personal funds. We may not accept aggregate contributions in excess of $600 from any individual in this election.

Contributions may also be made to the Athas for Mayor Committee, which does not have a limit on how many times someone chooses to contribute or how much, but funds must be personal, not corporate. The committee is chaired by Darren Lathen. Contributions may be sent to:

Athas for Mayor Committee, SPAC
David Todd, Treasurer
1009 Kingsbridge Drive
Garland, Texas 75040

Shae and Doug Athas Robyn and Doug Athas
Shae and Doug Athas Robyn and Doug Athas
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Robyn, Doug and Shae Athas
Robyn, Doug and Shae Athas

Athas for Mayor 2017
Douglas Athas Campaign
Garland, Texas

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