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DART Looking to Significantly Change Routes

District 1 is currently served by only two DART bus routes (566 and 513), the lightest coverage of any district in the city. Extensions of the DART Orange and Blue light rail lines this year are prompting a num… more »


Looking Back Over Past Year

City of Garland News Release: City of Garland Milestones for 2011 Garland, Texas—December 26, 2011—As 2011 draws to a close, the City of Garland looks back on several milestone events for the past year:   Garland Pawsibilities P… more »


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Two Tolling Points on PGBT Become Controversial

Two sections of disconnected frontage road (in purple) are to be tolled, apparently a first for NTTA. The toll at all four shown gantries will be 23¢. (Base map from Google.)   A number of Garland c… more »
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One-Way to Anywhere; PGBT Extension Open to I-30

Some of the very first cars to use the newly opened eastern extension of the PGBT found they could travel all the way to I-30, opening a key gateway to and from north Garland and for the region. The Firewheel Pkwy overpass and the AMC Theater and Dick's… more »
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Naaman Forest Extension Open

Cars turn left from Brand Rd onto the Naaman School Rd at the new intersection with Naaman Forest Blvd. New houses and parts of Naaman Forest HS can be seen in the background.   An important new roadway link opened in north Garl… more »


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Quiet Zone Hasn't Been So Quiet

A railroad quiet zone was created all the way through Garland along the north-south KCS Railway line. The zone even extends into Sachse to include the Murphy Rd crossing, thanks to the Sachse City Council.   It certainly has been a pleasure to ha… more »


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Quiet Zone Begins Tuesday!

City of Garland News Release: City of Garland Establishes Railroad Quiet Zone Beginning July 12, 2011, a railroad quiet zone will be established by the City of Garland along the Kansas City Southern Railroad mainline, in order to improve safety an… more »


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It's Getting a Little Bit Quieter Now...

New medians and signs have been installed to make crossings safer in preparation for a Quiet Zone along the KCS Railroad line that runs from north Garland to south.   It has been a while coming. North Garland residents asked me… more »


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New Report Offers Taxpayer-Friendly Solutions to Transportation

"The Most for Our Money" The transportation challenges for North Texas are tremendous and will only get more so as the area's population grows 50 percent or more by 2030. North Texas communities have been volun… more »


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Roundabout Is Direct Success

The roundabout installed at Campbell and Brand Rds to replace the decades-old, four-way stop has completely eliminated the daily backups.   Until very recently when the four-way stop at Campbell and Brand Rds was replaced with a… more »

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