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Number of Tom Thumb Robbery Arrests Growing


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Number of Tom Thumb Robbery Arrests Growing

As the crime statistics that I regularly post show, armed robbery in our district is uncommon. However, the Tom Thumb at Firewheel Pkwy and Pleasant Valley Rd was robbed Tuesday night. The story was in today's Dallas Morning News but the case has been unfolding rapidly.


The following are Garland Police Department news releases:

Two Men Arrested for Robbery—Police Search for Third Suspect

Tuesday night, just after 10:30 p.m., Garland Police responded to a robbery of the Tom Thumb grocery store in the 2500 block of Firewheel Parkway.


Soon after the report, an officer spotted a vehicle near the store with two or more men that he thought might be suspects. The officer turned to follow the car and the vehicle began speeding away. The officer pursued the car, an Oldsmobile Cutlass, south on Country Club Road towards State Highway 66 at a high rate of speed. Shortly beyond the intersection on Country Club, the car failed to make a sharp left curve plunged over a 30-40 foot embankment onto Commerce Street, wrecking into a hillside.


Officers captured one of the men inside the car while two other men ran into a nearby, heavily wooded area. A Garland K-9 officer arrived almost immediately with his K-9 partner and began to chase the two suspects. The police dog captured one suspect several hundred yards from the wreck scene. Officers continued their search for the third suspect for several hours with both K-9 units and a DPS helicopter but were unable to locate him.


The two suspects taken into custody had a large amount of cash believed to be from the Tom Thumb robbery. Police believe the suspects are 21 and 25 years-of-age and are from Dallas. Detectives are working to identify the third suspect.



Police Believe More Than Three Suspects Were Involved in Robbery

Antoine Littleton
Antoine Littleton
Wanted for
Aggravated Robbery

Shortly after last night’s robbery of the Tom Thumb store in north Garland, police officers chased a vehicle with three suspects. The chase ended when the car failed to make a turn on Country Club Road and plunged 30-40 feet into a hillside on the south side of Commerce Street. One suspect, 21 year-old Deandre Davis, was arrested at the wrecked car and the other two men fled on foot. The second suspect, 25-year-old Kenneth Ravenell, was captured when a Police K-9 officer caught him and held him until officers could place him into custody. The third suspect got away.


Police have continued their investigation and have arrested two more men believed to be involved: 29-year-old George Kirvin and 22-year-old Robert Kirvin. All four men are being held on a charge of Aggravated Robbery.


Investigators also believe they have identified a fifth suspect, the same man that got away from police after last night’s car chase. He is 22-year-old Antoine Littleton. Police have obtained a warrant for Littleton's arrest for Aggravated Robbery.


Garland Police are asking for the public’s help locating Antoine Littleton. Anyone knowing where Littleton may be located are asked to call the Garland Police Department or the Garland Crime Stoppers tip-line at 972-272-8477.


Robert Kirvin
Robert Kirvin
In Custody
George Kirvin
George Kirvin
In Custody
Deandre Davis
Deandre Davis
In Custody
Kenneth Ravenell
Kenneth Ravenell
In Custody



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